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Here's a couple of pictures of VC10's and Andover's

These are pictures that could only be got at the time as the opportunity would probably never arise again.

The first three are of XV104 being dragged out of the hangar in a state of almost complete strip during a major servicing probably in 1986


Heres a shot taken early on a summer morning after a night shift on the Flight Line, this was probably taken around 1980, you can just see an aircraft over on the right on the de-tuners ready for a ground run after work that had been carried out during the night.

Early morning on the Line

Next is another shot taken on the line on a very stormy day, the storm has just passed and the sun has come out to light up an aircraft parked on bay 21.

After the storm

One of my engines, taken through a rear window on a local flight

Turnin and burnin

When British Airways binned all their VC10's the RAF bought some of them in order to provide spares and future tanker aircraft, below is a picture taken at Brize of one of the BA aircraft that came to Brize. As I remember this aircraft ended up on the fire practice area after it was stripped of it's useful parts. I cannot remember the exact date but it would probably be in 1979/80

Near death

Now, here's something you won't see everyday.

I don't think that engine looks quite right somehow!!

This is a photocopy of a picture of a drama that happened to ZA144 in the hangar during a routine No 4 engine fit during a major service. We were using the electric engine winching kit (which can be seen on top of the torque box) and the engine was very nearly in when the front cable decided to part company with the swaged end resulting in the front of the engine crashing down onto the engine staging that we had just put underneath.
Had the staging not been there, the engine would have swung through a full 90 and the full weight would have hung on the rear cable, which had it failed would have sent the engine nosediving into the hangar floor.
Fortunately, no-one was injured in this incident due to our own safety awareness when lifting engines, though one chap (can't rember who) was lucky as he was just inside the open cowling lining up the hydraulic couplings when the cable failed.

No serious damage occured to the aircraft either, as you can see the aft engine cowling is a bit creased but the torque box was all ok.

Ok, just check out this Andover. This was taken around 1983/4 at Benson of the remains of a CMk1 that had been 'christmas treed'. I do not remember the fin number of this aircraft but it never followed the other 115 Sqn Andovers to be converted to E3/E3A standard for flight checking. It eventually ended up on the fire dump. The aircraft behind it is XS596, the 'Brown Bomber' which was the only CMk1 on 115 Sqn that remained unconverted and retained it's camoflage.

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