Restoration of damaged photos

Minor colour alterations

Image editing

Image scanning

Do you have a damaged, torn, worn or otherwise deteriorated photograph?
Then have it restored to it's original glory.
Have you a valuable photograph that is too delicate to display?
Then have a duplicate created, your treasured photograph can be displayed whilst the original can be safely stored.
Have you a photograph but no negative?
Then have as many duplicates created from that single original print.
Do you have a photograph that you would like to share with your family?
Have duplicates printed so all can enjoy treasured memories.
Do you have a treasured photo that has undesirable background items? e.g. does Auntie have a telephone pole sticking out of her head?
Then have the image edited to remove unwanted items.

All images are CD-Rom archived for future reference.

- "Thanks very much Mike - the photo is excellent". -
- "Thank you very much for the photo's, I am so thrilled with them. You have done them really well considering the small old photo's they came from". -
- "Thanks for doing a great job"

Single print of original size (approx prices):
Due to the complexity of photograph damage, a quote will be issued per image but as a rough guide:
Please add the print cost (below) to the above prices.
Due to degradation in quality it is only possible to carry out enlargements to twice the original dimensions, i.e. twice height and twice width = 4 times the original image area.
All printing is carried out on finest quality photograph paper.
If two images can be fitted onto a single sheet then the price remains that of the single sheet. For example, if the image was 54mm x 80mm then there would be space for 2 images on one A6 sheet and the cost would remain at 2.50. You pay for the paper not the number of images
Contact information:
01559 384916
Mike Howles
2 Dolgyfre
SA39 9BX
If you have an image and you would like a quote for it's restoration or alteration, there are a number of ways you can obtain an estimate.
  • You can see the examples on theses pages and get a rough idea of the cost.
  • You can submit a scanned image to me. This should be scanned at around 600 dpi and then the image size reduced to a dimension not exceeding 500 pixels in height or width. The image can then be zipped and mailed to me as an attachment, as a guide do not exceed attachment size of 200kb. A brief explaination of the work required will give me an opportunity to make a quote. I cannot carry out any restoration of the scanned image and will still require the original for scanning. images are scanned at very high resolution resulting in an image(file) size in excess of 250mb ready for editing. Obviously this is a bit large for sending by e-mail!!
  • You can send me the original image by post though please send it in a rigid envelope and by recorded delivery. I cannot accept responsibility for images lost in the postal system.
  • A basic estimate can be given over the phone, especially if the sort of damage is similar to that seen on the example pages.
Please feel free to phone me on the above number (evenings and weekends) or e-mail me at
By using this service you are stating that you own the copyright to the photo or image, or have the permission of the copyright owner to use them.