An example of the process of restoring an old and damaged photograph.

Above can be seen the original image after the initial scanning. Images are scanned at up to 1400 dpi (depending on the original image size). The photograph is somewhat mishapen and has obvious tears, creases and marks in it. There is also a substantial part of the photograph missing entirely. This picture was taken around 1950.

In order to assist in the reconstruction of the image some construction lines are added as a guide.

Reconstruction starts with the most difficult areas.

Reconstruction almost complete.

The rest of the image is now repaired, stains removed and colour adjustments made.

The final process is to make any additional colour, tone and brightness/contrast adjustments and then print the image. This is by no means fixed, from this image many adjustments can be made to the image to suit the customer.

The cost of this restoration was 45 (plus printing).