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Special Information:


Restorations on the "front axle body" for the VW transporter (fabrication year: till 1979)

Welding on the front axle body is acceptable to a certain extent. Exception: that it is a sensible idea, concerning the status of the entire "front axle body".

Because of the strict national 29 Examination, it is in difficult cases a good idea to contact competent auditing agencies before starting.
[I think this means get a competent person to make sure that the repair is a good idea]

Following criteria are important:

  1. Examine the circumference of corrosion of the concerned areas by hitting (carefully) the areas with a hammer (200 g). Important: consider the entire axle body.
  2. [I can only assume here that you need to use some common sense when determining how much corrosion is acceptable.]
  3. Pay attention to safety measures (protective gas)
  4. [protective gas?, welding gas?]
  5. For welding you have to demount the front axle; demount carrying lever (Traghebel)?literal?), if you weld the Lagerschild (? Axle bearing shield).
  6. ['carrying lever' = torsion arm]
    ['axle bearing shield' = torsion arm bearing housing]

Following areas can be restored:

  1. - steering bearing
  2. - Area axle tube/ axle bearing shield
  3. - inner surface of axle bearing shield

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Every repair plate (Reparaturblech?) must be fabricated of 2 mm thick sheet metal. The welding area must be clean (polish). After welding the area has to be protected (corrosion). Open drain holes for the water in the "axle bearing shield".

Spray anti-corrosion agent in hollow spaces in the "axle bearing shields" (through drain holes) and in the " steering bearing boss "(? Lenklagerbock?) (through a drill hole, which will be closed by a screw later on). Grease front axle after welding well.

A - If the steering bearing boss (Lenklagerblock) is rusted through:

- Make repair plates for the upper and bottom side
- Pin repair plates
By 'pin' I think this means tack-weld
- Cut plates for the sides and pin them too (no picture)
- Weld plates to each other and to the axle body

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B - If the axle tube/ bearing shield is rusted through

-make metal ring for the reparation
-Pin and weld metal rings


Demount the according carrying lever (Tragehebel) and its bearing before welding.

C - If the inner surface of bearing shield is rusted through

Cut the repair plate as needed .Pin and weld it completely