Photograph restoration

How Spooky's seating and bed work

Cushions have been removed for clarity

I am 5' 8" tall and Diane is 4' 10" tall. Now, obviously Diane could sleep comfortably in a shoe box but the bed when designed would need to allow me to sleep full length. This it does and as you can see both front and rear seats have a slanting back. The rear seat is slanting due to the rear (fuel tank) bulkhead. I made the front seat back slant at roughly the same angle and the bed length approximately 4" (the thickness of a cushion) above the base is about 6'. The bed is plenty wide enough for the two of us.

WARNING, As can be seen in the following pictures, the rear seat back is fixed to the rear (fuel tank) bulkhead. The fuel tank is only just behind the bulkhead so indiscriminate drilling will result in a holed fuel tank. When I drilled the holes I did them by hand, measured the depth to the tank and cut the screws to suit. I also marked the panel so that the short screws are indicated.

General view of the table and rear (two) seats.

You can see here how the rear two seater, table and cooker/sink/fridge unit are related. Also note the small access door under the sink that allows access to the cupboard housing the water container and the gas bottle.

Here can be seen the rear two seater, table and front single seat.

The front single seat converts to a two seater. It is built as a seat ontop of a seat as will be seen in the following pictures. The reason for this was because we wanted to retain the 'walkthro' between the cab seats.

The two locking plates that stop the top seat moving.

Lock plates removed.

The top seat being slid out.

The top seat drops onto a shelf and is locked in position using the same locking plates.

Top seat now slid into position and locked. As can bee seen we now have a full four seat area around the table. It works, we tested it with my parents!!!

The 'short' table leg fitted to the underside of the table. Note also the piece of wood against the side wall.

The table dropped onto the locating shelves between the seats.

Here the piece of wood that is stored against the side wall (or sometimes under the mat) is dropped in to fill the gap between the table and the side wall.

The bed complete, looking towards the rear.

Looking forward. Note that there is still space between the edge of the bed and the sliding door, this is the same width as the fridge.

Here I built a versatile unit which contains a drawer. It folds up against the bulkhead.

And when folded down serves as a drawer unit and bedside table.

Here, it can be seen that the cooker, sink and fridge are fully accessible when the bed is made up. Rule number one when designing the interior was "we want a cup of tea in bed"!!!

Rear under-seat storage area. This is the full width of the seat.

The storage area under the front single seat.