Photograph restoration

Some photographs and a diagram of the conduits running under the bus

First, here's a diagram I did whilst laying under the bus. In order to see the routing of the conduits the same way as I drew them you need to lay under the bus with your head towards the front looking up (obviously!).

Oh, I hope Just Kampers don't mind me nicking the chassis picture from their catalogue but it's the best picture I could find.

Lay on your back and look up!

First, this is a shot showing the throttle cable going into it's conduit behind the brake balance valve, also the heater cable conduits running over the top with the handbrake cables going into their conduits.

Throttle, heater and handbrake

Next, a similar shot which shows the throttle conduit behind the brake balance valve, just above the hydraulic pipe and loom conduits. (these are actually a 1/2" and 1" copper pipe running between the front and rear cross-members). Next along can be seen the RH handbrake cable conduit with it's cable, then the two heater cable conduits coming over from above the gearchange shaft and if you see where these two enter the cross-member, you can just see the front end of the clutch cable conduit.

Then there is the large heater pipe coming through the cross-member and to the right of this the LH handbrake cable conduit.

Front of the front cross-member

Next another shot of the front cross-member, looking straight at it.

Another look at the front cross-member

Here's a shot looking forward where you can see the two handbrake cables coming out of their conduits and connecting to the handbrake rod. Just to the right of these you can see the two heater cable conduits going through the front bulkhead and over on the right running along the chassis wall is the throttle cable conduit and you can just see where it connects to the operating lever. Right at the bottom of the picture are my knees...just thought you might be interested!!

Looking forward

Here's a shot looking aft at the front bulkhead where the two heater cable come through, it's a bit difficult to see but the conduits end just as they come through the bulkhead and the cables then go into some flexy tube.

forward of the front bulkhead

These are the heater cable flexy tubes as they go up through the cab floor just to the right of the heater pipe. Just to the right of these cables is the hole where the main loom goes into the cab and next to this is the hydraulic reservoir tube (incorrectly routed as the master cylinder isn't fitted yet).

heater flexy tubes

Now we are just behind the front cross-member looking forward where you can see from left to right - main heater tube, clutch cable conduit, two heater cable conduits, RH handbrake conduit and throttle conduit. Ignore the wiring loom looped up over the conduits. Also on the right you can see the loom copper pipe.

back of front cross-member

Same view but from a bit further back which shows how the conduits cross. You can also see the hydraulic pipe copper tube above the loom copper tube.

The things I do for you lot!!

Ok, so now I've just shuffled across to the LH side so you can see here the LH handbrake cable conduit coming through the front cross-member and going off towards the LH chassis rail and also above the heater tube you can see the clutch cable conduit and the LH heater cable conduit.

back's aching now

Right, I've turned around now and am looking towards the rear and this first shot is looking down the N/S where you can see from left to right, the main heater tube, the throttle tube, the LH heater cable tube, the clutch cable tube going through the rear cross-member lower than the others and right over on the right hand side you can see the N/S handbrake cable conduit going through the chassis rail.

Ouch! thats twice I've whacked my head!

Just shuffle across to the O/S again looking aft and from left to right you can see, the large copper tube for the wiring loom, just above this is the O/S handbrake cable conduit going into the chassis rail and above this is the 1/2" copper tube for the hydraulic pipe, next across you can see the O/S heater cable conduit and the throttle cable conduit going off across the top of the main heater tube.

Shuffle shuffle

Here's a closer shot of where the loom copper pipe, hydraulic copper pipe and the O/S handbrake cable go at the front of the rear cross-member.

Blimey that paintings crap!!

Right now we're on the LH side looking up at the end of the torsion tube where you can just see where the handbrake cable conduit comes out of the chassis rail, through the rear outrigger and into the small bracket under the outer end of the torsion tube. Note where this tube ends, it is very important that this ends at the right distance from the rear hub so that the handbrake cable rubber conduit fits correctly.

You can also just see where the clutch cable conduit comes out from the rear cross-member and drops down under the torsion tube and is attached to the little bracket there.

LH handbrake cable

Here's a view of how the handbrake cable rubber conduit fits, I know I've got it in the right place as the wear mark on the spring plate lines up exactly with the conduit wear guard.

handbrake cable conduit

This next shot is quite good as you can see the layout of most of the conduits, in particular the clutch cable conduit under the rear torsion tube.

Under the gearbox looking forward

Now I'm up the LH side of the gearbox and here you can see the rerouted fuel pipe clamped to the bulkhead, the throttle cable conduit coming up over the torsion tube and going into the flexy tube and going up over the gearbox. The transverse hydraulic pipe crosses from right to left above the throttle cable and you can just see the clutch cable conduit just peeping out from under the torsion tube. You can also see the reverse light switch (with bent pin!) in the gearbox. Finally right up in the top left hand corner you can see the end of the LH heater cable coming out of it's conduit.

Nearly had my eye out with that heater cable

Her's a shot from the other side of the gearbox where you can see the RH heater cable conduit coming up to it's bracket.

Wonder if ther's any mice down that heater tube??

Just an interest shot here. The rear end of the loom copper pipe and the hydraulic pipe copper pipe coming through the rear cross-member and you can also see the RH side heater cable conduit going up over the torsion tube.

Nice plumbing!!

Just shuffle back a bit and you can see a nice shot of where the clutch cable conduit attaches to the torsion tube.

Can I go now??