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The Devon Motor Caravans Manual

For VW Type 2 Devon conversions Moonraker and Devonette up to 1973

This manual was originally produced by Devon Conversions Ltd. of:
Alexandria Works, Sidmouth, Devon.

After writing to Devon Motor Caravans Ltd, I have received permission to reproduce the manual here.

Acknowledgemnet therefore goes to Devon Motor Caravans Ltd of:
Mainsforth Road
County Durham
DL17 9DE
Tel: 01740 655700
Fax: 01740 652232

The manual has been reproduced due to the large number of VW Devon converted vans still around today and we are all grateful to Devon for the marvelous work they did. Unfortunately the manuals have not survived so here it is.

I have reproduced it as best I can with digital photographs. The text is precisely as it is in the original manual.

If you would like a zipped copy of the manual as seen on these pages please Mail me and I'll send you one.

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