The Devon Motor Caravans Manual

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The water is supplied from three 2-gallon plastic water containers which are removeable by lifting the lid. The unit has a built-in water pump fitted with flexible hose. The hose can be placed in any one of the water containers. The pump may be lifted and swivelled by releasing the nut at the base of the pump. At the rear end of the unit the crockery is stored within a stainless steel liner. The cutlery may be stored beside or in front of the water carriers. In front of this unit is an Easicool with a rack on the door for milk bottles and eggs. Cold water should be poured over the Easicool by opening the drop-down flap above the unit. The unit functions by water evaporating through the rear and a plastic tray is fitted below to take surplus water in case of overfilling. It should be noted that the Easicool unit does not refridgerate but does keep the contents appreciably cooler than the outside temperature.