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Spooky's domestic wiring

These pages describe the domestic wiring system installed in Spooky.

A word of warning. Unless you are familiar with both domestic 240V systems as well as 12V systems it is best that this work be carried out by a competent person.
This wiring diagram is for information only. If you decide to use this as the basis for your own installation you do so at your own risk.

Click on the image for a larger version.
Click HERE for a zipped version of the 4000 x 2903 image.

Here is an index of the marked items in the diagram.

X1240V Hook-up socket
X224V RCD Consumer Unit 2 x 10A
X3Domestoc 24V switched socket
X4Ranger Unit
Y185 Ah Leisure battery
Y2Vehicle battery
Y330A Insulated connector block
Y4Swicthed 12V light
Y512 Socket
Y620A Circuit domestic breaker
Y712V Fuse block
Y8Earth block
Y92 posn 2 way switch (for modification see mod1) or see Mod2
Y10Water pump/tap
Y11Conduit - Engine bay to cabin
A12.5mm˛ Domestic Twin and Earth
A21.5mm˛ Domestic Twin and Earth
A31.5mm˛ Domestic Lighting cable

This is a minor modification to cater for fridges without 12V ignitor isolator. The Electrolux fridge fitted is a 3 way fridge. It will work on 240V, 12V or gas. When operated on gas it has an auto-ignition system operated by 12V. The fridge has a switch on the front panel to operate this. In order to isolate the 12V element when on gas I decided to fit a 2 way - 2 position switch so that when on 12V operation the auto-ignitor was off and vice-versa. So that BOTH systems can be isolated I would advise fitting a 2 way - 3 position switch so that in the centre position the 12V system of the fridge is totally isolated. This diagram shows the wiring of this switch.

An easier way of achieving cross switching of the 12v system of the fridge is to install a domestic 2 gang 2 way lighting switch. If wired as indicated below it becomes impossible to have both systems on at the same time. Simply it means that if 12v refidgeration is required only switch 1 needs to be on. For gas operation (active ignitor) then switch two needs to be on and switch 1 off.
If both switches are in the off position then both systems are dead. If both switches are in the on position the only the 12v refidgeration system is active.