Photograph restoration


He is a 1600 dp (dual port) upright manual RH drive reg no. FDP 424L.

Type 2 Micro Bus
Reg = FDP 424L
Chassis no = 222 2212 855
Engine no = AD 539853 (original)

Spooky was built in July 1972 (makes him exempt road tax!!). A word about road tax exemption. Any vehicle BUILT before 1st January 1973 is exempt road tax.

He is a bit of a hybrid as he was built in the middle of the changes from the 1971 model to the 1973 model and has interesting features:

He was originally a Devon Devonette conversion but the interior was in a very sad state so unfortunately it had to be binned. I do still have the original owners manual for the bus and the conversion which is unusual, in fact the bus was in a very original state when we bought him but the demon rust had taken it's toll.