Photograph restoration

The braking system like the rest of the mechanical parts has been completely removed from the foot pedal rubber, right down to the brake shoes and pads.

Firstly I removed the master cylinder and replaced the internals using a standard service kit but while it was stripped I cleaned it up and painted it.

On fitting the rebuilt master cylinder we had a problem bleeding it and suspect that the repair kit was not of the correct type so, as I did not want to take any chances with the braking system I fitted a new master cylinder.

The balance valve which is located on the inside of the right hand main chassis leg just behind the front beam was removed for servicing.
On dismantling it was found to be pretty well choked up with sludge which was preventing the large ball bearing from rolling backwards and forwards which meant that it was probably not working correctly anyway.
Again, whilst it was stripped, it was cleaned and painted.

Front brake calipers will be replaced with exchange units as they were in a bit of a sad state.

All brake pipes were removed and then re-assembled on the floor so that I know which way it all goes back together again, this includes any grommets, clips etc.

I have already bought a brake pipe kit which contains all the brake pipes assembled in the correct lengths. I did find, however that some of the pre-made pipes were not really long enough so I had some more made up at my local car accessory shop.

The rear brakes were completely replaced, the backplates which were completely rotten were replaced with new Brazilian ones which were identical to the originals but needed painting. Remember to fit these before fitting the wheel hub to the stub shaft.

The wheel cylinders were replaced with new ones

The hand (parking) brake adjusters were replaced with new ones and greased up with copious amounts of copper grease.
New brake shoes, springs etc were fitted and all moving parts were lubricated with copper grease.

The drums were just cleaned up and painted. I did carefully grind off the lip on the inside of the drums as this made fitting them much easier especially as new shoes were fitted.