Photograph restoration


I decided that I would start with the cab floor and front, then work my way around from the drivers door to the back. Winter came on and the cab doors and sliding door were removed and brought into the workshop for repair. The cab doors were repaired as best I could as they had really gone a bit far and they will be replaced with nice new ones eventually. The sliding door was pretty rotten at the bottom but luckily none of the internal bracketry was damaged so it was just a case of cutting the bottom off and welding some new repair sections on.

All components of the sliding door were removed, checked, cleaned, lubricated and re-fitted. The doors window frame was sprayed prior to the window being fitted and the door extremities were also sprayed. A nice new window seal was you know, this took me and Diane about four hours to fit, having never fitted a window before it proved to be extreemly difficult, but it gave up eventually (we have since discovered that they are easier to fit with the bus adjacent to a wall and the door fitted).