Photograph restoration


Not much to say here really, removing them is a doddle, provided to use the correct allen key or star key (these can now be bought fitted to sockets), make sure you clean as much crud off the bolt heads as possible and it is also an idea to give em a WD40 soaking overnight

Remove the bolts and the washer plates and when all bolts are out of each end just pull it out, it may need a bit of light mallet persuasion but only hit the large end boss as hitting the shaft could damage the cv joint.

I have rebuilt both shafts with new boots but did notice some slight wear on two of the cv's.

I shall be buying a couple of scrap shafts to make up a spare pair with all new cv's so I have always got a spare pair of good shafts.

Incidentally Spooky has done 3000 miles on these 'worn' CV's now and they don't make a sound!!

If you are just replacing the boots, dismantle the whole cv and clean it making sure you mark the inner and outer parts so that they can be reassembled in the original positions (I used a light centre punch mark).
When it's all clean, paint the shaft (don't get any on the splines) and re-assemble it using a new boot kit which contains all new washers and grease.

I found that when I bought a new cv joint the instructions that cam with it for doing the work were excellent.

Fit the shaft to the bus using the new bolts and washers from the boot kit, use a torque wrench to tighten.