Photograph restoration

Engine bay repairs

Repairs to the engine bay were relatively minor and consisted of chassis leg top skin repairs, rear valance minor skin repairs and a major clean up and paint.
This was made a great deal easier due to the fact that the wiring loom had been removed and the tank was out. I had to remove the oil bath filter stand to repair the RH side chassis leg top skin and did this while carrying out the repairs in the rear wheelarch.

Here you can see the bad metal cut away and cleaned up ready for the new parts to be made. The part that has been cut away is a strange shape and should be preserved if possible as to manufacture it from scratch would be very difficult

NO, I do not repair chassis legs with Corn Flakes boxes......however, I do use them for making templates for repair plates. Here I am making the repair plate for the chassis leg. Once this is fitted and painted I can then start to make the repair parts for the top skin.

Here you can see the top skin and associated repairs fitted ready for paint.