Photograph restoration

The Front Hubs

There was nothing really wrong with the front hubs but they got stripped anyway. All bearings were replaced, the disc backplates were cleaned up and everything was painted.
The disc brake calipers were in a shabby condition so they will be replaced with reconditioned items.

Firstly I removed the anti-roll bar, all components were in good condition though in order to get it off the fixings need to be destroyed but new ones are cheap and easy to get hold of.

Next the shock absorbers were removed, these worked perfectly, there were no leaks but unfortunately the top shouds had corroded very badly so new ones will be fitted.

I disconected the brake caliper and removed it

Removing the front stub axles requires the use of a robust ball joint splitter, I prefer the one piece cast block with the big bolt through it.

Once the discs, back plates and wheel hubs had been removed the stub axle was separated from the torsion arms using the ball joint splitter. What I actually did was to spilt the top ball joint and the stub axle drops down with the bottom torsion arm, this torsion arm can now be removed by undoing the lock nut and removing the large grub screw, the torsion arm may need some persuasion by using an appropriate 'dead blow' hammer.

Now, with the stub axle can be separated from the torsion arm, cleaned up and painted together with the hubs and discs (DO NOT PAINT THE DISC BRAKING SURFACE).

The hub had all it's bearings replaced with careful use of a drift to remove the inner races and to fit the new ones I made up some plates the same size as the inner races so that I could press them in rather than use a drift.
I packed them well with grease then bagged them up ready for the day when they are refitted

And they have been refitted with new (recon) calipers and all works absolutely fine.