Photograph restoration

The passenger compartment

Due to the condition of the interior the conversion equipment, though complete was in such a poor state it had to be scrapped. This was a bit of a bonus as it meant that the interior was left completely empty which made reapirs very easy.

Apart from the repairs carried out as part of the sill/wheelarch repairs very little was actually done in the cabin. The areas immedialely in front of the rear wheel-arch tubs was repaired in conjunction with the rear jacking points and outriggers.

Here you can see where the floor section has been removed to make repairs to the top-hat section over the rear jacking point and outriggers a bit easier.

New sections fitted

A similar exercise was carried out on the other side.

Finished floor painted. You can see in this picture the small square patches I had to weld to the floor to repair the dozens of 1" holes that were drilled in the floor. The only reason I can see for these holes was due to the fact that the rear wheel arch tubs had badly corroded around the seat belt anchor points. The repair patches can be seen in the pictures. Before the repairs had taken place there must have been an horrendous amount of water hioofing in through the holes so, to drain the cabin, the owner drilled these holes. Makes you wonder doesn't it??

Thats the O/S finished then including the rear hot air outlet valve fitted.