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Spooky's travels in 2001

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The Rusty Bay Treasure Hunt 2001

Here we all are (well a few of us anyway) assembled at Holmsley Forestry camp site in the New Forest.

On the left you can see Derek's (Dbus) bus, yes that's the one with the felt roof!!! Puff (the tragic wagon) with owners Chris and Kazz can be seen there in the middle behind the gazebo.

Just the the right of them with the Viking roof and JK awning is Sopwith, the well traveled machine belonging to Dicky, Anne and their two lovely children Emily and Charlotte.

And there on the far right is Spooky (and tent).

Here's a nice lineup, from the left, Puff, Dbus, Spooky, Sopwith and The Duke. The duke is a real nice bus (and very well traveled) and belongs to Brian and Kelly.

We are assembled here just before the start.

Here are all the treasure hunt entrants at the village hall after a brilliant day.