Photograph restoration

Spooky in 2001

Some general pictures

Hmm, looks real sad doesn't he, but that's how he was when we bought him. In case you are wondering what all the polythene sheet is for, it's to try and keep the water out. Check out the page on windscreen surround repair and you'll see why.

Is this the ultimate in lowering??? no, it's just our way of turing a bus around on the driveway when it has no suspension at all, we had to build a little trolley for him to sit on. Notice there is no front beam fitted and no rear torsion bars. Good job the drive wasn't any narrower.

The business end including KamperChat hats and furry animals, and before you ask that handbrake handle is made of wood and I made it.

Now that is why we didn't want a Rock 'n' Roll bed, we need that boot space to put our chairs, boots, walking sticks etc.

Now, does that look comfy or what.

Yep, that's comfy.

Hands up those who can't affors to buy a nice new 10" front badge...... Hands up those who have a spare piece of aircraft skin lying around...ahhh, me, so just knock up a temporary badge that has become, well, permanent.