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Spooky's travels in 2001

Spooky's holidays

Spooky's first night out

This was Spooky's first night out. We wanted to take him out and give him a bit of a 'shakedown' just to make sure everything worked and no modifications were required. It all went very well. The only thing we changed was to make a fold down drawer unit/bedside table which holds all the cooking tools and eating irons.

Spooky goes to Shellisland

This was the start of our weeks holiday and the guys from Club 80 90 were having a meet at Shellisland and as we were going up to North Wales anyway, we decided to pay them a visit. Lovely weekend, met some real nice folk, it was a bit chilly in the evening though.

Spooky goes to Cwm Bychan

When we left Shellisland we thought we would go to a camp site that I had seen right at the end of Cwm Bychan up in the Rhinogs so we had a drive up there but found the site deserted and nothing like I remember it so we drove back down and stopped for a cuppa on the way. This spot is the very same place that we stopped and had a cuppa many years ago on the first holiday we had together up in North Wales.

Spooky goes to Beddgellert

So here we are at the Forestry site at Beddgelert. Lovely site, clean, quiet and cheap.

Spooky goes to Snowdon

Here's Spooky parked up at the bottom of the Watkin path, probably my favourite path up Snowdon, it is a long path with a gentle climb initially with a real nasty bit at the top and the opportunity to make a circular route back down via Bwlch Main.

We were not far up the path, somewhere near the old quarry when we met a real nice old chap who loved walking. His wife couldn't walk with him any more due to her illness and he had always wanted to do the Watkin path. The weather wasn't exactly brilliant and the top 300 feet of Snowdon was in cloud and he was about to turn back when we invited him to join us. The picture above shows him and Di on the way back down after a nice walk up, a delicious cup of tea and a very brief view through the clouds as it broke up for a while when we were at the top.

Smiley Di and Snowdon.
The Watkin path follows the ridge you can see on the right and as it hits the 'lump' in the east ridge it takes a diagonal path across the South face to within 100 feet of the top.

Spooky goes to Tryfan

Spooky parked in the busiest car park in the Ogwen Valley. It seems that the Foot and Mouth outbreak had really stopped folk visiting even though all Snowdonia paths were open at the time. i wasn't complaining as the hills were real quiet.

As usual, Tryfan in the cloud up behind Spooky.

Spooky goes to Rhayader and the Elan Valley

Here we are in the Council run camp site just on the outskirts of Rhayader. As you can see it was so quiet we had the pick of the pitches. Right by the river, a short walk to town and an excellent Fish 'n' Chip shop made it a place to return to.

My favourite picture of Spooky so far, right at the top of one of the Elan Valleys. A beautiful day, Red Kites flying overhead, a fresh cream cake, straight out of the fridge and a lovely cup of tea.

Elan Valley is well worth a visit, it is a massive area, ideal for cycling, walking and birdwatching, or just chillin in the bus.

Spooky goes to Stourhead

We went down into Somerset for the weekend. Stayed at this lovely site in Bruton, so quiet and peaceful. Sunday, we took him down to Stourhead and had a wander around the gardens and park and then we watched the Morris dancers in the village centre. A damn fine English Sunday arrfternoon.

Spooky goes to the Gower

So then we thought we'd nip over to the Gower, Chris, Kath, the kids and Colin the bus were going too so we thought we'd all meet up and then along comes Lyn, Bruce and their bus Dan.

I know this looks like a tropical island but this was the view from the bed on opening the door in the morning....beat that then.

Oh, this is a site called 3 cliffs and we *will* be visiting it again.

On the Sunday we went to visit Lyn and Bruce at their 'humble' abode out in the sticks of Carmarthenshire. This house looks like it's stood for 100 years or more but you'd be amazed to find that Bruce and Lyn built this themselves. And when I say built I mean built, doors, stairs the lot, all hand made. Bruce and Lyn deserve a medal for this. Mind you with a 7 acre wood out the back I guess that'll do. What a place. Thanks both.

Spooky goes to Slimbridge

Yet another weekend out, this time to the Wildfowl and Wetlands trust at Slimbridge. Found this lovely, tidy, cheap site at the back of the pub down by the canal. 1/2 mile walk to the Trust.

Spooky goes to The Forest of Dean

The last full weekend of the season saw us in the Forest of Dean at a nice small, quiet and cheap site near Goodrich Castle. Saturday spent walking down to the river, checking out the spiders in Arthurs cave. Sunday we went to Goodrich, what a great castle. We took the long way home via Tintern Abbey nad had a couple of hours wandering around there.